Oak Harbor Cottages

The Oak Harbor Cottages are an emergency shelter that will provide a safe, secure place for families experiencing homelessness in McPherson County, Kansas. In addition, they will create a positive environment for staff, clients, donors, and the community at large, while providing case management and wrap-around services.

Three Cottages have been completed and families are currently living in them. Three more cottages are in different stages of construction. Beginning in Oct. 2022, we will begin the construction of the final four cottages.

Tom Pruitt 
Larry & Reva.jpg

Larry & Reva Purcell

Property Managers

Madison (2).jpeg

Madison Langdon
Case Manager

People's Bank

Interior of Cottages

Front room 2.jpeg
Front room.jpeg

Living area decorated - 2 different looks!

Kitchen in Cottages

Fully furnished kitchen

Adult room.jpeg
Adult Bedroom 2.jpeg

Adult bedroom - 2 different styles

childs room 2.jpeg

Children's bedroom
will have bunkbeds.