McPherson welcomes many visitors every year with festivals, graduations, athletic events, and the All Schools Day Parade. We take pride in our image as a community, striving to make it attractive and welcoming.

Over 1,000 families have been helped through Brush Up Mac since it started in 2005. Many people struggle to make repairs and do upkeep on their homes, especially those who are elderly or disabled. Homeowners who are physically or financially unable to make improvements to their homes benefit from this program, which sends out more than 300 volunteers every spring to help them out. The helpers do small electrical repairs, exterior painting, replace windows and gutters, and yard work.

Donations are used to pay for supplies such as paint, brushes, gloves, trash bags, and other items needed to complete the tasks. Volunteers from churches, athletic teams, colleges, businesses, and families are welcomed across the city of McPherson every April when they descend upon the homes of those in need. I in just few short hours they make a BIG difference!

Louie Peterson and How Brush Up Mac has helped her

Louie Peterson and How Brush Up Mac has helped her

Thank you so much for arranging the ramp at our home in Canton. It has helped so much. Please extend a special thanks to Gerald and the Legion Riders for assembling and doing the actual install. Thanks again for the invaluable work you do for the community. Rik & Karen